Militarization, Criminalization, & Surveillance


Militarized Zones:
Militarized Zones was published in November 2003 by American Friends Service Commitee, CWPE, and the Population and Development program, Hampshire College, as a special issue of Political Environments (PE No. 10). It includes a series of brief, accessible activist resources plus an annotated guide to groups working on issues of gender and militarism, in the US and internationally. Edited by Ryn Gluckman, Rachael Kamel, & Betsy Hartmann.

2003 saw the growth of an unprecedented global movement against war and militarism — a movement that is challenging the culture of militarism at its roots as well as its branches. Yet war and militarism are not just “out there,” they are “in here,” in our communities, our economy, our schools, our media, and even in our minds.

Militarized Zones lifts up women's voices to explore how war-making is linked to racism, the criminalization of immigrants, attacks on LGBT communities, the demonization of Arabs and Muslims, the portrayal of young people as a threat to the future, the role of “demographic politics” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, restrictions on reproductive freedom, and more.

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Whose Safety? Women of Color and the Violence of Law Enforcement
Published by the American Friends Service Committee and the Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment, Philadelphia, May 2001. Copyright © 2001 Anannya Bhattacharjee.

This comprehensive research report documents how women of color, both immigrant and U.S-born, face violence and the abuse of authority from law-enforcement agencies - from local police to the prison system to INS raids. Drawing on interviews with nearly 100 anti-violence activists as well as published sources, "Whose Safety?" outlines community interactions with enforcement agencies, the impact of enforcement violence on key areas of women's lives, and current anti-violence movements.
Hard copy ordering information : Printed copies of "Whose Safety?" are available for $5 per copy with a discount of 10 percent on five or more copies. Add $3.50 postage & handling. Only prepaid orders may be accepted; foreign orders will be billed for actual postage. Send orders to Literature Resources Unit, AFSC, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19102. Credit card orders may be phoned in to 1-888-588-2372.

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